Latest WhatsApp update lets you change phone number

The latest update of the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp comes with a bunch of minor improvements and fixes. It got a video playback option and now users are also able to change the phone number that is associated with their WhatsApp account. Easily and from within the app itself.


If you got a new device, a new SIM card or simply changing your carrier will get you frustrated. Until now the only option was to do a roundabout method of backing up your chat logs and restoring them to the new number. Now all you need is head over to “Settings” and “Account Info” and you’ll find a new option which is called “Change Number”. This will migrate all your contacts, account information, and groups over to your new device/number.

At the moment, the new version is available as an APK that you can download by clicking on the link.

Download here


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