Latest Ubuntu Developer Preview Now Allows Dual-Boot With Android


Ubuntu developer previews has been released for several Android devices in February 2013 and has been getting nothing but positive feedbacks since then. We have also seen their concept of Ubuntu Edge that can Dual-boot on both Ubuntu and Android. Although the Ubuntu Edge hasn’t came to due to the lack of funding, Canonical and it’s Ubuntu still won’t lose it’s steam as they have recently landed a deal with a smartphone manufacturer that will produce devices that will run on Ubuntu.

And to prepare for it and make more user experience Ubuntu, Canonical has announced a new developer preview where the users can now install Ubuntu on their Android device and switch between the two OS’ with just a tap of an icon. Canonical explained that after unlocking their device and enabling USB debugging, users can load the Ubuntu Installer app onto the compatible Android device. Once the installation is complete, users can now switch back and forth between Android and Ubuntu simply by clicking on the “Ubuntu Dual Boot” app. So uncertain users can now experience Ubuntu without giving up their current Android ROMs or setup.

The Ubuntu installer currently supports the Nexus 4, but it also notes that the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 should be compatible as well. The device must be on Android 4.2 or higher and must have an unlocked bootloader and at least 2.7GB of free space. Finally, users will need to have ADB tools installed on their computer.

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