Latest Greenify App Now Works On Non-Rooted Devices


In case you’re not familiar with the app yet, Greenify is helps your Android device perform better and consume less battery juice by hibernating your apps when you are not using them. It also requires root access rights in order for it to work in a way that it’s not going against the Android OS, which most of you have seen in other task killers that only made your device squeeze more juice.

And now developer Oasis Feng has finally made the app to work for non-rooted devices, but of course, with restrictions. With root rights, Greenify can automatically hibernate apps once they go into the background, but without root, users will have to manually hibernate all ‘greenified’ apps which won’t be hard to do as you can easily do it by tapping the “Hibernate All” shortcut (widget) on your homescreen.

Greenify is free but you can also buy a pro key for more advanced features (requires root). Playstore link provided below.

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