Latest BBM Update Finally Brings Voice Call, Channels, And More



Blackberry promised to bring in more features for BBM this year, particularly the addition of voice chats and channels, two of which what makes them unable to compete with the likes of whatsapp and viber. And now after a month of beta testing, the company has finally fulfilled it’s promised as the app has been updated with tons of new features.

Two of the most noteworthy addition to the app is voice calls and BBM channels, you can call your BBM contacts on your data or WiFi connection. BBM channels on the other hand allows interaction between members of a community. Another addition is the app can now use and share their geo-location, including real-time data. You can now also share your Dropbox files to other BBM users.

If you still haven’t tried the new BBM 2.0 for Android yet, you might want to give it a try now as the instant messaging service just got better.


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