“Knox is safe but…”, says Samsung!

I guess you remember about the whole Knox thing problem that a group of scientists had spotted in Samsung’s security software called Knox. The company had a research made for it and spotted the problem and announced that it’s not due to a software bug!


The problem is indeed there, but someone could exploit it only if the user hasn’t set properly the protection suite of his device. It’s all about a “Man in the Middle” (MitM) attack, that can be used to exploit non encrypted user data, but Knox can prevent it is some things are being set properly.

More specifically Samsung suggests customers use MDM (Mobile Device Management) but with some options set to locked, in order to protect the device. In addition Samsung insists that FIPS 140-2 encryption protocol is really usefull in such cases in order to prevent such type of attacks or exploits. If you use Samsung Knox then you need to follow the aforementioned changes in order to protect from relevant exploits.

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