Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Review

Screenshot_2013-09-27-10-33-38~01Kingdon Rush Frontiers
by Ironhide Game Studio
Arcade and Action


Kingdom Rush is back with it’s newest sequel – Kingdom Rush Frontiers – which brings us more of the same fantastic tower defense gameplay, but with lots of new contents in towers, enemies, heroes, and upgrades to make it another incredible experience.

What’s Hot:
– preserved the smooth, well-balanced gameplay of the original game
– new hero upgrade system
– lengthy campaign with tons of achievements and bonus stages

What’s Not:
– lacks zoom-in feature
– pricey IAPs especially for heroes


Kingdom Rush: Frontiers brings in a whole lot of new features to the table. New heroes, new towers, new enemies, new hero upgrade system, you name it and it’s there.

First, the advanced upgrades for each basic tower have been revamped and are now much more interesting. Mage Towers can now be upgrade to Necromancer towers, which will raise the dead of the baddies to fight for you. Another interesting upgrade lies with the Axe throwers (Archer advanced class), which lets you curse enemies to take more damage or dispel aura from the enemies. Enemies has been improved to with more buffs to increase it’s vitality rate making the game more challenging. Whether its shaman that grants defensive auras around their allies, queen bees that explode into little bees when defeated, or aliens that turn your defenders into a horrific (and strong) alien beasts if not defeated in time, there’s a lot more to think about beyond simple tower placement. Even the environments require more attention, as enemies will carve new paths halfway through a level, man-eating plants will take out your knights if you don’t pay attention, and other settings can reward (or punish) players that heed their surroundings.

One of the biggest drawing points to Kingdom Rush Frontiers are the new set of awesome heroes that you’ll be able to control during battle, and now level-up with new powers and deadly abilities. There are nine awesome heroes in total – However, six of them (the stronger ones with better upgrades and abilities) are to be unlocked only through in-app purchases, which ranges anywhere from $2.99 to $6.99.


The Verdict: 8.0
The pricey IAPs may hold you back from buying the game, but this doesn’t take away the fact that this is one of the better tower-defense game that you can find in the market today. If you don’t mind spending some cash for IAPs, then Kingdom Rush Frontier is a must have.

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