Kevo Lock: A keyless entry system by Kwikset and UniKey


Kwikset and UniKey launches the Smart Key Lock for home entry systems, named Kevo Lock.

Kevo Lock works with Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and it can open your home’s/Office’s door only with a touch of your finger.

Let us see how it works in details: Kevouses a Bluetooth daughter card in the lock mechanism. You will also need the Application (Kevo App) in your Smartphone. So when you approach the door with your Smartphone (in your pocket, purse etc), you just touch your finger to the outside of the Kevo Lock and it communicates with your Smartphone, it takes the electronic key (eKey) and simply opens the door. The Kevo App runs in the background on your device, to be always available to communicate with Kevo Lock when it asks for eKey. Nice and easy don’t you think?

You can also send electronic keys (eKey)  to the other family members straight from the application. friends, or visitors, or anyone who has a compatible smartphone,  can open the door too.  You can also disable and delete eKeys, view history of lock activity, and set up other configurable features and options through Kevo App. These features are also pretty useful, aren’t they?

Kevo Lock is currently compatible with iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, and 5s. The reason is that currently Android 4.3, as well as Blackberry 10.1, does not fully support all Bluetooth LE features required by Kevo. But the company will support all possible mobile devices, when they meet all Bluetooth LE features Kevo needs to work properly. So Android, Blackberry and WP users, stay tuned.


You don’t have a Smartphone? That’s not really a problem, as with your Kevo Lock you also take the Kevo Fob, which is pre-enrolled so no additional setup is required and you will enjoy the same Touch to Open convenience.

What about Security? For people concerned that if you leave your phone too near the door, anybody who is outside the door, can has access to your home – that’s not going to happen. And the reason is that the Kevo Lock, uses two Bluetooth antennas, one on the inside and one out. So with this patent-pending intelligent positioning technology, Kevo detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

The Kevo Lock works with four AA batteries that company claims will give a year of Battery Life. Also you don’t need to worry about can’t have access to your home if Kevo Lock stays out of battery, cause it will notify you when the battery is low, through the eight RGB LEDs or through the mobile app when you touch your finger on the lock. So when this time comes, please don’t forget to change the batteries.

The Kevo Lock is coming in $219.00 / each and it’s available for pre-ordering through official website and retailers.

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