Kernel Source Files For The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 And Note Pro 12.2 Released


Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro series of tablets may not still be available on most regions out there but that doesn’t mean developers have to wait to get theirs hands on one to be able to start developing for the device. Depending on what developer area you specializes in, you usually need only the mount points or partitions of the device and it’s kernel sources to be able to start tweaking your device.

And for all developers out there, Samsung just released the kernel source files for the LTE (SM-T525) and WiFi (SM-T520) variants of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the 3G (SM-P901) and LTE (SM-P905) variants of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. You can find the download links below, and like we always say to all developers whenever a new source is out, happy tweaking!

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Source Files
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Source Files


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