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Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles is a new application from the developer Outfit7 which is available free on iOS immediately, and on Android from 14 September 2013. Outfit 7 is best known for its Talking Friends applications (Talking Angela, Talking Tom, Talking Ben, etc), but now it’s trying something different, a new jigsaw puzzle app reinvents the traditional puzzle experience creating fun and interactive jigsaws for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Jigty has been designed to appeal to all ages but there’s a special Kids Mode that offers guiding lines for the puzzle pieces, while also snapping them into place more easily on the smaller puzzles. Beginners can choose to use the guidelines to help snap the pieces into places on puzzles of 4 – 25, while the more experienced puzzlers can demonstrate their puzzle prowess by choosing any number of pieces up to 625. Actually it is from four pieces to 144 on iPhone, and 625 on iPad. And for grown-ups, the app offers a competitive element too, a new puzzle community, with time trials and tournament packs for users to challenge their friends, and a Face book page for sharing their Jigty puzzle ideas and experiences.

Jigty uses in-app purchases to buy the puzzle packs, which range from 69p for the dinosaurs pack to £1.99 for most of the others. Be careful and have your in-app purchases restrictions locked down if a young child is using the app alone.

You can also create your own puzzles from the photos stored on your device, which is a feature we think will appeal to children.

Last but not least, Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles has a unique design. You can not find two pieces that have the same shape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet!

Solve your favourite jigsaw puzzles on the go!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

At the homepage of Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles:

– Select the pack that you want to solve. In Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles free you have only 2 packs to choose. The SAMPLE PACK and THE TALKING FRIENDS PACK.




– Choose the number of the pieces (from 4 to 625). In Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles free you have (from 4 to 64).  


– Choose if you want to have piece rotation or not. In Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles free you have to purchase the piece rotation for 1.49 Euros. 

– You can Pause the puzzle and resume it when ever you feel ready.


  Select the tournament pack and play with leader boards. In Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles free you have to purchase it for 1.49 Euros.

– Select the button YOUR PHOTO and solve a puzzle with your face on it! In Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles free you have to purchase it for 1.49 Euros.

– Grab the pieces and solve the puzzle.


– Watch how beautiful your puzzle looks when it is solved!



 1) It is a free game.

2) Awesome HD graphics.

3) Enjoy hundreds of stunning images or choose your very own photo.

4) Intelligently designed: Every piece has a unique shape.

5) Natural interface that is simple and easy to use.

6) Increasing difficulty: Rotating pieces or solving puzzles from 4 all the way up to 625 (on 10” tablets) pieces!

7) Kids mode: Guiding lines and ‘magnetic’ piece locking for smaller puzzles

8) Hundreds of images: Grouped in themes or customise by using your own photos

9) Challenge your friends: Time trials and tournament pack puzzles


1) Because it is a free app it has many advertisements which are annoying.

2) If you want to solve the huge variety of the puzzles, then you should purchase the picture packs. They begin with 69p for the dinosaurs pack to £1.99 for most of the others.

3) You have too little choices with the free Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles so you are “forced” to buy it.


Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles provides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages. It’s an app for solving digital jigsaw puzzles with a variety of themes, from animals to cityscapes. It’s the puzzle solving joy we all know and love! So, just try it!


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