Illinois To Ban The Use Of Google Glass While Driving


Altough it’s yet to be made available to most consumers, Google’s wearable tech device – Google Glass has already been a subject to a lot of mixed reception in the United States as there has already been attempts being made by some states to ban the use of it in some places and situations.

The Google Glass is a very powerful device, as you can pretty much do almost anything you can do with your smartphone with it but without the hassle of using your hands. You can capture photos and videos just by saying a keyword, as well as browse the web and make calls.

It first started at establishments like bars and restaurants, where employees and customers themselves wishes to avoid being exploited by any one taking videos or pictures using the wearable tech device. And to a more serious matter, wearing Google Glass while driving could potentially harm several peoples and establishments as the device is too distractive even if you’re not using it.

And now, the state of Illinois is already pursuing legal action, to create a law that bans the use of Google Glass while driving, according to BGR and The Daily Herald. Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein has filed a bill last week to ban drivers from wearing Glass which follows New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia, where legislators have also introduced bills to do the same.



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