IDC: Worldwide smartphone sales for 2013 will exceed 1 billion devices

With the end of the year coming closer and closer we already have a good idea for the total worldwide sales of smartphones so far however what makes an impact is that we’re pretty close to reach the 1 billion devices sold in one year milestone!


According to IDC (International Data Corporation) this year’s sales are 40% higher than last year something that shows the impact of smartphone sales especially in emerging markets. Based on IDC’s data there’s a huge demand for new smartphones from countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East where cheap devices are a huge hit. On the other hand, in the developed markets the smartphone sales has reached a saturation point, since the sales are beginning to halt over the past few months.

Unfortunately – for manufacturers- the average price of smartphones keeps falling down so their profit margin is significantly smaller than before. From the 387$ average price per device has fallen to 337$ this year and by 2017 the price will reach 265$! In addition the total sales of smartphones will reach 1.7$ billion in 2017 with an average increase of 18,4% for the coming four years.

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