HTC has no plans to replace CEO Peter Chou

Despite the fact that HTC keeps on having a continuous poor performance the past few months, the Taiwanese manufacturer has no plans to replace the company’s CEO Peter Chou, at least according to Focus Taiwan quoting HTC’s chairperson, Cher Wang.


According to Wang, “Mr. Chou has done a great job and there are no plans of removing him.” She also noted that HTC employees must come down to earth (herself included) and continue moving forward. “HTC has many innovative products and will continue to work to introduce our excellent products to everyone in the world,” Wang added.

As we all know, the last two years haven’t been the best for the Taiwanese company, since it still continues to struggle especially when facing Samsung “Galaxy” devices. The company’s flagship HTC One showed some promise but the initial sales were marred by lack of devices due to component shortages. Don’t forget that the company has also failed to tap the huge mid-range segment and HTC One mini, which is supposed to target the segment, is yet to reach many major markets.

According to info from the Taiwanese market, HTC’s shares have been on a downward spiral this whole year and fell significantly in the first eight months and continue to do so.

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