HTC will not be upgrading HTC One X and One X+ anymore

If you’re a proud owner of an ex HTC flagship like One X or One X+, then you’re in for some bad news since the company decided not to upgrade them to the next version of Android (4.3 nor 4.4). The company announced via Twitter that HTC One X and One X+ will not be upgraded any more so if you were hoping for an Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 update then you will have to… keep dreaming. This is what the official HTC twitter account wrote a couple of days ago.


All of the above have been confirmed by HTC UK after a relevant question by a user. So if you want to enjoy Android 4.4 (or Android 4.3) in your HTC One X or One X+ device then you will have to use a custom ROM or… a newer model perhaps? Like HTC One?

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