HTC To Start Producing More Low-End Smartphones This Year



It is no secret that HTC has been facing difficulties one after another, and is now under pressure to do better this year with their upcoming flagship device, the M8 at the frontline. And looking back at the past, HTC has always been focused on manufacturing high-end smartphones than low-end ones. And without earnings from low-risk, low-end devices as a support, manufacturing high-end smartphones alone could ultimately hurt a company marketing-wise.

But this HTC mentality will start to change now as according to the company’s co-founder and Chairwoman, Cher Wang, HTC will focus on producing more devices that ranges from $150 to $300 this year. She also said that the company will still produce high-end smartphones at it’s usual pace. If this seems familiar to you, this is exactly what Samsung is doing with their products. They produce a wide range of smartphones and tablets from high-end to low-end, and markets their high-end devices hard using the sales of their budget smartphones as a safety net.

It’s a good thing that HTC will give more focus on manufacturing low-end smartphones as well, which is a good thing for thrifty consumers too as they will soon have more options to choose from.


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