HTC: Problems with its flagship after Nokia wins two radio patents


Last week (on September 23) the U.S. ITC (International Trade Commission) judged that HTC infringed on two Nokia’s radio patents that improve the transmission and reception of phone calls.

In the case, were listed only the older HTC phones. But HTC One uses the same technology as well. So Nokia said that HTC One will be included in any ban that will take place in U.S.

The chip that violates Nokia’s patents and is used in HTC One was made by Qualcomm. So, as the Wall Street Journal reports, HTC works very closely with Qualcomm to solve this issue and produce another chip that will not violate Nokia’s patents. It’s not clear yet if other devices, outside HTC One, use the same chip, but rumors say that maybe the upcoming HTC Max, uses the same chip as well.

So it’s more than clear that HTC is in trouble with the ITC’s decision. We will wait until January (when the ITC will look at the matter again) to see if HTC and Qualcomm can solve the problem that has risen.

We hope that finally HTC and Qualcomm will find a solution to this issue and the company from Taiwan won’t face US ban for One or any other upcoming device.


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