HTC One Max will feature a fingerprint scanner?


Another leaked images of the upcoming HTC One Max has popped out a few days ago and what’s intriguing this time is one image shows what appears to be a fingerprint scanner. As you can see at the back of the device, the assumed fingerprint scanner is located between the device’s sim card slot and camera. And it only gets more intriguing when some folks over at the Verizon retail staff who have tried the phone during the testing sessions confirmed about the fingerprint scanner’s existence.

Considering that the fingerprint scanner is located at the back it’s safe to say that it will be reading your index fingers instead of your thumb like the iPhone 5s.
And though HTC hasn’t confirmed anything yet, the fingerprint scanner is something we’re hearing a lot about lately in the smartphone world. What do you think of the fingerprint scanner feature? Is it a necessity or just one of those “extra feature” that you won’t be really using once you get the device? Let us know in the comments below.


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