HTC will continue to use Beats Audio in its smartphones, at least for this year

Last week we found out that Beats will acquire the 25% of the percentage that HTC holds at this time. However the deal is not complete yet. After all there were rumors that the HTC One MAX wouldn’t support Beats Audio technology because the two companies ended their cooperation but this isn’t the case.


It’s obvious however that HTC due to its financial problems was urged to sell its percentage to Beats and nothing more. Luke Wood (Beats CEO) announced recently that the two companies will cooperate this year as well and that more HTC smartphones scheduled to be unveiled this fall will have Beats Audio support as planned, with HTC One MAX being one of them.

We learned a lot of great things with HTC. Right now I can’t comment as to whether that relationship will continue or not continue, but for Beats, it’s been very productive, because we’ve done a lot of work [on HTC phones] and I’m very proud of the way those devices sound, said Mr. Luke Wood.

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