HP Passes Two New Budget Tablets Through The FCC



After recently announcing 4 tablets back in September, we’re seeing two more HP Slate tablets pass through the FCC yesterday.

The first tablet is the HP Slate 10 HD. It runs on a Marvell PXA986 processor, has a 1280 x 800 resolution display, and features Beats Audio technology. It’s an HD tablet but it’s not 1080p. The Slate 10 HD is expected to launch in November.

The second tablet making its way through the FCC is the HP 10 1900. This could be a variation of the HP Slate 10 HD, or it could be a totally different tablet.

There’s not much info for now but we know that the HP Slate 10 HD will have a microSD card slot for storage expansion. It will also have front and rear cameras, but we don’t know the quality of those cameras yet. There should be a Wi-Fi only model in addition to the 4G version.

No word yet on pricing or where they will be available. If you’re looking for a cheap 10-inch tablet for yourself or someone else this holiday, HP might have the device you are looking for.

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