Happy New Year From The Omega/OmegaDroid Team!


Happy New Year everyone! Another year has passed and we wish for another great one with you guys!

Dating from way back in May 2010, the Omega Team has come a long way since then. What started to be a one-man development effort by founder indie, his love for Android and ability to bring new stuff to the table has attracted thousands of followers that inspired him to do more for the Android development community. And as the ‘Omega’ influence got stronger, more and more talented individuals has come to join him and make Omega better – and was eventually known as the Omega Team.

And now after three fruitful and memorable years, we still have inside us the same passion and love for Android and we promise to continue developing the best ROMs possible for all the devices that we support. And now with our newly built site, OmegaDroid.co, we aim to give all our “Omega Friends” the complete Android user experience by sharing with you the latest news, gossips, reviews, development guides, and many more from around the Android world.

We thank you all for your support and love, and in return we will thrive to do more for you guys.  If you have any suggestions and requests for Omega for this year, please let us know in the comments below.

Again, the Omega Family wishes you a happy happy new year!


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A master of soft-bricking his devices, NadMaj is an Android enthusiast to the core. He also makes Android themes and modifications at xda-developers to spread his soft-brick curse so beware!
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