Hangouts bug: a lot of emoji temporarily disables the app

Google Hangouts were updated recently with the long awaited SMS integration, but apparently a new-found bug makes the app temporarily unusable. When large numbers of emoji emoticons are sent in a group chat, Hangouts will force close and fail to restart.

hangouts_kalagas_resizedReddit community posted this news, after a group chat with twelve people prematurely ended. Supposedly over 10 pages of emoji icons were sent, when the app crashed on everyone’s Android device and the chatters were unable to log back in. Clearing application data and rebooting didn’t help, but Recon0212 managed to log in the Hangouts web interface, left the group chat and restarted the app.

This bug doesn’t seem to a chat between two users, although the app is very laggy. As Hangouts replaces the normal messaging app in Android KitKat, users could exploit this to temporarily disable other user’s app.

Not to worry, a fix is on the way, but until then be careful not to become a victim to the prank.


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