Google’s Android devices with pressure sensitivity?

Google got his hands on a patent that might reveal Android phones of the future. It involves pressure sensitivity on a phone’s body, where a user will be able to navigate the phone by squeezing, shearing or splaying the device. Squeezing is pretty obvious – you simply apply pressure holding the phone in your hand. Shearing is when you slide up the left side of the phone while sliding down the right side and vice versa. Splaying is done when you spread your fingers apart to the edges of the screen.

google_android_squeeze_patent_1A combination of gestures will be used for certain apps, like for example squeezing the top/bottom of the phone to scroll up/down in the email app. Other highlighted fuctions in the patent are to launch apps like music, web browsing or phone.


There are of course no guarantees that Google will ever use this technology, but it is definitely something to think about. In the near future, we could be applying pressure to our phone instead of using a finger to browse through web pages. Pretty neat!



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