Google Working To Improve Android Camera – Raw Image Support and Burst Mode


According to Google spokeswoman Gina Scilgliano, Google is indeed working on rebuilding and improving the Android camera. This includes raw image formats and burst mode. This also confirms what the guys over at Ars Technica found about a hidden Camera API in Android 4.4 last week.

Gina Scilgliano said that the support is currently present in Android’s hardware abstraction layer (HAL), which handles the communication with a mobile device’s actual hardware. “Android’s latest camera HAL and framework supports raw and burst-mode photography, We will expose a developer API in a future release to expose more of the HAL functionality.”

Hardware still matters a lot for a smartphone’s photographic capabilities. But a better software foundation could mean Google’s mobile OS becomes more competitive, especially if programmers choose to tap into the full data that Android makes available.

Many users were left unimpressed with the Nexus 5’s camera but a software update may help on improving it a bit though there are limits since the lens and sensor have a lot to do with the quality of a photo. But Google is optimistic that software improvements will help the Nexus 5.


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