Google Maps update brings faster navigation, improved search

Well in case you didn’t see the update notification on top of your status bar then you should know that a new Google Maps update popped up earlier this week through Google Play, and will surely come to you eventually. If you haven’t updated yet, there is a pretty good chance that the update is awaiting your approval.


Judging from the update change log, you should see faster navigation, along with route previews and better traffic overviews. There’s also an improved hotel search with sponsored rate and booking links, along with a “Tips and Tricks” menu from Google, that can be accessed through the slide-out navigation, though it’s nothing more than a redirect to a Maps support page.

What’s new:

– Faster access to navigation, complete with route and traffic overview
– Improved hotel search results with sponsored rates and booking links
– Tips and Tricks available in the side menu
– Bug fixes

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