Google acquires Bump!

For those of you who didn’t know, Bump is a smart app for Android and iOS, that allows users to share files from device to device with out the use of a social network or anything else. Through the app you can transfer files with all those who have already installed the app (and are your friends) just by… bumping your phones together! You can even exchange your information if you wish! Well from now on Bump belongs to Google!


This acquisition looks quite logical. The technology used by Bump is simple but so intuitive! It relies on WiFi or data connections between the two devices in cooperation with the motion sensors they have, in order to “understand” the “bump!” It doesn’t use NFC like Samsung does in its Galaxy smartphones so it can be used between Android and iOS devices, without even the need for a Bluetooth connection! This way of transferring files looks like a solid way for Google to make the life of its Android users even easier. So… Google goes Bump!


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