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TITLE:                      FROZEN FREE FALL
PRICE:                    FREE


If you have watched the new Disney’s film Frozen (last November) and love it, then this is a game that you will find the same characters and also have fun. For those who didn’t watch the film, then we can tell that “Frozen” is about two sisters and also princesses with the names Elsa and Anna. Elsa has a special power in her hands (like Snow-queen) whatever she touches turns to ice. At the end all the kingdom of Arendelle froze and even Anna is turned to ice sculpture and only one kiss from someone who love her can save her! Who truly loves her? Just watch the film! Now, Disney came back with the game Frozen Free Fall on that film.

Actually it is a matching 3 game (same like all the others in the market), but with amazing graphics, very good soundtrack and with many of the characters from the movie. You have a map (with the kingdom of Arendelle) with the levels included (I believe it is 90 but we are expecting for more), and the characters from the movie like Anna, Elsa, Hans and a little Troll who helps you with their special powers. One of the things that I liked is that when you increase your levels then the characters get older. (So, at first you play with little Anna and then she grow to a beautiful woman).

Some beautiful pictures from the map:





As you have probably guessed, the goal is to remove the ice from the kingdom by turning all the frozen items to gems with the help of all the characters. You can achieve that by switching two adjacent pieces with each other (horizontally or vertically) and create lines of three, four, or five, coloured ice crystals. These will vanish, and the gaps will be filled as gravity pulls everything down. If you are lucky (or you have managed to set it up) you will start a chain reaction (as another line is formed, and another, and another), with the score multiplier racking up during the chain reaction.
Actually, the pieces are colourful gems surrounding by ice and when you broke the ice you hear a satisfying sound – like crunch of shattering ice. (I just love this sound).
If you match more than 3 pieces you will create powerful bonus crystals that can wipe out an entire row of the game grid, a 3×3 square, or even every ice crystal of a single colour. If that’s not enough, combine two of these bonus crystals together by ‘swapping’ them and you will trigger an even more powerful effect with more points on offer, and more opportunities to start a chain reaction. Keep doing that until you pass the level and gain 1, 2 or better 3 stars!

The following pictures gives you the details about the combinations. Just try to make as much as possible of them to pass easily each level.






Here it is a step by step tutorial:

–  Each level has a different goal. In some you have to make the score but without overpass the moves, in some you need to push down the objects and in some you have to vanish the gems that are asked or break all the ice cubes.

24fff11fff– In some levels you can choose 1 of 2 characters and their special powers.

17fff– Choose the special powers that each character has to pass the level (be careful because you have only few power ups for each character). With Anna you get torches which can melt eight connecting crystals. Hans has a sword which can ravage rows of ice, etc.

2-64016fff21fff– Choose the snowball to increase the number of turns-moves.

5fff– Choose the hourglass to increase the time.

19fff– If you fail a level then you loose a life. If you lose all your lives (you have 5 lives) then you have to wait for some minutes (at the first levels you waiting for 3-6 or 9 minutes but as you increase the level you have to wait even for half an hour) to regenerate 5 lives more.

6fff– Also if you fail a level but you steel have a snowball or an hourglass, then you can return in the level and continue playing. (Of course it is almost impossible to have a left over snowball without purchasing).
– Each day you can gain a power up or lives or snowball by choosing a square from a lucky table.



– Well done you passed the level.


1) Awesome Disney graphics.
2) Amazing soundtrack and satisfying crunch of shattering ice.
3) Disney’s characters that you have loved.


1) There is nothing in this game that feels remotely original.
2) It is a free game but some levels are extremely difficult and the power-ups just not enough (only 3 for each character). So, if you want to end the game (pass all the levels) or gain 3 stars for the levels, it is almost impossible to achieve it without many purchases.
3) If you don’t love the film Frozen then you probably will get bored, after some levels.


If you are one of those who loved the film “Frozen” then I recommend you to download this gameplay and continue to watch your loving characters and also have fun! Also all the lovers of 3 matching- puzzle games will be satisfying with the amazing graphics. Just try it!


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