Flappy Bird To Be Removed From iTunes and Play Store 17 Hours From Now, Says Developer


At this point in time, it’s almost a rarity to find someone who still hadn’t heard of the hit iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird. I for one have not tried the game yet, but it’s impossible not to hear about it since it’s the rage of almost everyone using an iPhone or an Android device.

The game is pretty simple though, as you only have to tap your way out of obstacles and your score will be based on how many obstacles you have passed through. And by the way, this game just earns the developer $50,000 a day. It’s that popular.

But the game has had it’s fair share of controversy as according to an iPhone app designer, Flappy Bird’s sudden rise to the top after being a so-so app during it’s first six months looks very similar to bot activity. His statement is also backed up by several itunes comments with a noticeable similar sentence patterns all of which giving the app a 5 star rating.

And now to everyone’s surprise, developer Dong Nguyen has twitted that he will take the game down in 22 hours (at that time, 17 hours remaining now), adding that he cannot take it anymore and the game ruins his simple life. He also said that this decision has nothing to do with the above controversy and that he has no intention in selling the game to anyone.

It definitely came as a surprise as no developer would want to take a game down that earns him $50,000 a day, but if it comes to a point that it ruins someone’s life, money really can’t compare at all.

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