Flappy Bird Developer Keeps His Word, App No Longer In Play Store


Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has made a shocking announcement yesterday that he will take the game down after 22 hours (which is already up today). And as for the reason why, he said that cannot take it anymore and the game ruins his simple life. He also said that it has nothing to do with the controversy and accusations of bot activity. He also stated that he has no intention in selling the game to anyone.

And today Dong Nguyen has kept his promise as the popular game that has known to be ‘frustratingly entertaining’ has indeed been taken down and is not being shown in searches anymore. The game is still there though if you type in it’s url on the Play Store so you should still be able to download the game but the link should show you an error message very soon.


Having said that, there are already plenty of alternatives/clones with the same gameplay found in the Play Store so those who doesn’t have the Flappy Birds game installed won’t get left out.

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