Facebook: New app called “Paper”.

facebook_logo_square_webtreatsetcToday, 31st January 2014, is the day (after a series of related rumors circulating on the internet for over a year), in which Facebook announced the app Paper.
According to the announcement, Paper is a new iOS app (and the first product of Facebook Creative Labs), that borrows elements from the operation of Flipboard and offers to the end user updates for their contacts and news of what is happening in the world. Also gives to users the opportunity to share with their friends, their own stories and content.
From the introduction of Paper https://www.facebook.com/paper we will be able to:



1) Share your stories with friends and the world. (Stories appear fullscreen and distraction free).
2) See your story take shape as you add text and photos.
3) Tell visual stories with gorgeous photo albums.
4) Immerse yourself in videos that come to life and fill the screen.


5) Choose from sections about a range of themes and interests. (Each section includes photos, videos, articles, essays and other insights).
6) Drag in your favourite sections to make Paper your own.
7) Browse through sections to see what catches your eye.
8) Browse your Paper with simple natural movements.
9) Till to explore vivid high resolution photos.
10) Unfold stories and news from the world’s best sources.


Of course, all this will be personalized based on the algorithms of the company, making yet another attempt of Facebook users to interact with the service and the content that is published in it. According to Facebook, the Paper will be available to download for iOS devices from 3 February, but only for those who residing in the USA, without giving any information about other operating systems or when it will arrive in Europe. So, the only thing we can do for now is to wait.


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