Evernote For Android To Add Handwriting Input Support, Now Open For Beta Testing



If you haven’t used Evernote yet, it is an all-in-one organizer app where you can save your notes, ideas, photos, to-do-lists, and even record voice notes to help you stay organized with all your needs. And what makes Evernote a top choice for organizer apps is it’s available on almost all platform out there so you can synchronize all your files with pretty much every devices you have.

But Evernote is still finding ways to improve it’s overall usage. It has recently upgraded all of it’s server for faster synchronization, and is set to update it’s app for all platforms soon. And one of the new features to take note of is the handwriting input support.

This feature is already available on the beta version of the app, and currently has the feature that allows users to write and draw on their notes. It doesn’t change your drawing into a text though, and we don’t know yet if this feature will be added in the future.

You can join the beta testing by singing up on this link, then you can download the beta version of the app at the Google Play Store.

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