The first European prices for Samsung Galaxy S5

Just a couple of days after the official unveiling of the device and the time has come for us to find out some info regarding the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in the European region. According to Amazon Spain, the device will cost around 729 Euros, while Amazon Germany gives a price of 699 Euros. The Italian site of Amazon that we checked didn’t have a price though yet.


In the UK, the Clove and the Unlocked-Mobiles are accepting pre-orders for Galaxy S5 at a price of 500 and 549,98 British pounds respectively, something that can be… converted to almost 666 euros, including taxes!

As the IB Times had forseen, the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the European region will be around 666 and 729 Euros, meaning that it will be a bit more affordable than what the S4 originally was! Oh don’t forget, we’re talking about the 16GB edition of the device. All of the afore mentioned stores insist that will have stock from the 10th of April and they will be able to deliver from the following day (11th of April).

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