Dropbox: Updated for Android, version 2.3.11


Well we all know many things about Dropbox, which founded in June 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, and already is one of our favourite app. For those who are not familiar with Dropbox we have some info following.


Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, and share them easily. Any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your phone or iPad, and the Dropbox website. Dropbox also makes it easy to share with others. And if your computer melts down, you can restore all your files from the Dropbox website with a couple clicks.
– Dropbox has more than 200,000,000 users.
– People save one billion files to Dropbox every 24 hours.
– Dropbox is offered in fifteen languages with users in over 200 countries.
– Dropbox is used in over 4 million businesses with presence in 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies.
– 100,000 active apps have been built on the Dropbox Platform.


Actually, Dropbox makes all your files available to you from any computer or phone. It’s as easy as adding any file to your Dropbox folder. You can start working at the office and finish from home without ever needing to think about where your files are – they are always with you.

Joining Dropbox is easy: installing the Dropbox software (free for Windows, Mac and Linux) creates a special folder on your computer. Anything you add to this Dropbox folder will automatically save to all your computers and to the Dropbox website. You can also invite people to share any folder in your Dropbox. This makes Dropbox perfect for team projects or sharing photos with family or friends – it will be as if you are saving straight to their desktop. The Dropbox mobile apps (free for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) let you take your life on the road. And because Dropbox keeps a one month history of your work, you can go back in time to fix mistakes or rescue deleted files.

Dropbox offers 2 GB free to start and you can earn up to 16 GB additional space for referring friends, or upgrade to a Pro account with up to 500 GB and 32 GB for referrals. Dropbox for Business accounts start at 1 TB for 5 users. Learn more at www.dropbox.com/pricing.

The good news is that yesterday at 19th November, our favourite app was updated. Now Dropbox comes with a couple of features worth noting and also a new logo.











dropbox upgrade







1) New notifications feed for quick access to recent activity.
2) Send photos and videos to contacts (adds contacts permission).
3) New payment options for Pro (adds camera permission).

The newest version of Dropbox now supports direct sharing of files to all of your contacts via email from inside the app. Users can now send photos and videos to contacts right through the app, which actually requires a new permission for users to grant. Just choose the share action on a file, hit “send to contact,” enter the appropriate info, and Dropbox will send the share link to them immediately. There’s also a notification history area that shows you recent, or not-so-recent, activity in your Dropbox, so if you regularly receive new shares, now you can easily track them.
To top it off, a new payment option for Pro users has been added, easier than ever, which allows the app to shut up and take your money, as all you have to do is take a quick snapshot of your credit card, (the information for payment will be auto-filled). Dropbox duly notes that this adds the camera permission to the app, should such a change have made you suspicious.

You can download the app with version 2.3.11 from Play Store.


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