Dong Nguyen Explains Why He Took Down Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird creator finally broke his silence after pulling the game out on both the Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store in his interview with Forbes. Nguyen stated that he created the game to be played when people are relaxed. But the frustratingly entertaining game has proved to be more than a game for relaxation as it suddenly rose to the top of both the Android and iOS charts as the most played game where Nguyen even earned $50,000 on ad revenues alone. Nguyen also told Forbes that the game has become a problem as it is highly addictive. He also noted that the game is gone for good and won’t ever come back.

Dong Nguyen also stated that the popularity of the game has affected his personal life, saying that he has not been as comfortable as he was before and he couldn’t sleep. He has made it clear though that he has no regrets upon taking the game down and that his fans will still have something to watch out for as he will still continue developing games.

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