New developer features added in Google Play Games



Attention application and game developers, Google have announced today that they will bring some new features for the Google Play Games service that will make it easier for you to see and monitor what your players are doing inside the game and store more data in the Google cloud.

The new features include:

Game services statistics in the Developer Console – You will now be able to see stats about your game’s player activity in Google Play Games right in the Google Play Developer Console. You can see how many players have signed into your game through Google, the percentage of players who unlocked an achievement, and how many scores are posted to your leaderboards.

Game services alerts in the Developer Console – New alerts will now show up in the Developer Console to warn you when these mistakes happen, and guide you quickly to the answers on how to fix them.

Double your Cloud Save storage -Starting October 14th, 2013, you’ll be able to store up to 256KB per slot, for a total of 1MB per user.

You can learn more about the update here.


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