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Android OS lets you do a lot of interesting and fun things, from the basics like uploading your music collections and streaming them via Google Music. Or if you have root access you can backup your applications and even turn your LED camera flash into a flashlight. What about making your own font? Not a problem, with recently released unique application called MyRealFont.


How does it work?

This app lets you literally draw out your own font, either with your finger or with the help of S-Pen in the PRO version. Once you open the app, a screen with letters on it pops up. You select letter “A” and draw it, continue to “B”, and so on. The completed custom made font can be used in various scenarios, for example in sending messages, emails, for status updates on different social media platforms, and in other basic text actions.

The PRO version lets you go even further. Create multiple fonts and export them to be installed and used on PC or Mac. It offers the ability to keep your child’s handwriting forever or create a secret code for you and your friends. For the time being, there is no possibility to make system Android fonts with this app, as root access would be required to do so. But I am sure that in the following updates, such a feature will be available.


MyRealFont is one of the highest rated, although not the only of it’s kind. Also not the world’s most exciting app, but still very fun to use, especially if you’re into font creation. 

If you want to try out MyRealFont, grab the Lite version on Play Store.


The cost of PRO version is $1.99.


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