Corning Announces 3D Gorilla Glass For Flexible Displays



Before you start reading., stop. It is not what you think. This new Gorilla Glass has nothing to do with 3D television sets or anything that has 3D viewing in it.

Corning’s new 3D Gorilla Glass display refers to their new glass technology that can be shaped in three dimensions, or bendable, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G FLex. Corning also stated their belief that smartphones with flexible displays will be a standard feature in the near future.

This new glass technology can achieve precise tolerances and high throughput on a platform that is more economical than alternative two-mold forming methods. This technology uses Gorilla Glass of uniform thickness, assisting designers to introduce thinner and lighter devices and leverage the emergence of conformable displays for mobile and wearable applications.

Corning will be unveiling this technology at CES, meaning we’ll get you an update about this new technology in the following days.



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