Confirmed – Samsung will launch a smartphone with curved display in October


It turns out that the rumors were indeed true. Samsung will launch the first ever smartphone with a plastic-based display in October.

At the launch of the Galaxy Note 3 in South Korea, Samsung’s mobile business head of strategic marketing D.J. Lee said the company is planning to release a device with a curved display in South Korea in October. While Samsung has teased devices equipped with plastic-based displays for years, this is the first time we get official confirmation on an actual product release.

Park Sang-jin, the president of Samsung SDI, the conglomerate’s battery making division, clarified that the device will be rigid and that it will have a unique design:

As plastic liquid crystal displays are strong enough to neither shatter even when dropped on the ground nor need frames, it is possible to produce devices with unique designs

In addition to the possibility to use curved screens, flexible displays are considered unbreakable and are much lighter and thinner than conventional glass-based panels, leaving more space for other components such as batteries.

Rumors say that the first curved display smartphone will be a “limited edition” of the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung is reportedly hoping to sell one curved screen model for every ten Galaxy Note 3, translating to initial sales in the hundreds of thousands.

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