Confirmed: Oppo Find 7 To Come With A 2560×1440 Resolution Display



After several rumors regarding Oppo’s upcoming Find 7 sporting a 2560×1440 resolution display, the chinese company has finally made things clear as they officially confirmed that the Find 7 will indeed have that resolution in a 5.7″ screen. That converts into a whopping 515ppi by the way. And like we said countless times before higher resolution on your display means more battery consumption so let’s hope Oppo puts a bigger battery or than usual to support it’s demanding display.

But we know how the current trend works, next generation devices means hardware/software upgrades so it seems higher resolutions in mobile devices are inevitable, that’s why every year even if manufacturers put bigger batteries on their devices we still can’t notice a better battery life due it’s demanding specs. Let’s just hope they can also develop better battery technology to catch up and support all features that their next generation devices have in store for us.



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