Confirmed: Asus Working On A Smartwatch


The wearable tech market has started the year with a loud bang with several OEMs announcing their plans and upcoming products for this year. Pebble and Razer in particular has wowed people back at CES with their Steel and Nabu smartwatches, and now Asus has announced that they are joining the fray and promised to bring a smartwatch that people will definitely love.

The announcement came from the company’s CEO, Johnny Shih, who said that not only they are looking to make their smartwatch feature-packed, but an eye candy as well. Shih also said that a smartwatch that cannot replace a person’s watch isn’t all that useful. The whole idea is to be able to wear it like you would a regular watch, something with Pebble have gotten right with the Pebble Steel.

It may take some time before we hear more about Asus’ first wearable device, but we are really excited as Asus is one of those companies that aren’t afraid to take the risk to produce innovative devices like what they did with their Transformers series a few years back.



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