Check Out The Special Oppo N1 ‘Pepsi Edition’ In China

Oppo-N1-Pepsi-edition (2)

Do you love Pepsi’s red and blue colors? Are you a fan of Oppo devices? Well guess what, Oppo and Pepsi has teamed up to produce a special ‘Pepsi Edition’ of the N1 just for you.

What makes this Special Pepsi Edition of the N1 different from the usual N1 is that it will come with a Pepsi themed packaging, and of course, a red and blue N1 device. Looking at the software side, the device will have a Pepsi themed user interface to complete your Pepsi theme experience.

Hold your horses though, as the N1 Pepsi Edition will not be available for purchase. You can only get your hands on one by participating in a contest in China.
How? Simple, Buy a Pepsi!
So if you live in China and interested to join this contest, just click this link to read the details. Good Luck guys!


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