Chainfire introduces RegionLock Away app



XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire is known to make the most prerequisite hacks in the android developer world from easy root to resetting your device’s flash counter. and this time he has made a hack for the infamous region lock that Samsung has recently implemented on new devices like the Galaxy Note 3.

Chainfire explained that the region lock is implemented in a form of a network blacklist where it blocks a number countries and carriers. and the RegionLock Away app frees you of that restriction. But don’t misunderstand that the region lock is the same as the sim lock as they are 2 different things. This app won’t unlock your device to enable all carrier use.



RegionLock Away is only available for the Galaxy Note 3 but knowing Chainfire we can expect it to be compatible with more region locked devices soon. You can download the app for free on his XDA thread but you can also buy it through Playstore to show your support and appreciation.


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