Motorola Releases Own Gallery Application To The Play Store


Motorola, being a Google company, has been releasing most of their applications to the Google Play Store in order to update them quickly instead of making the users wait for a firmware update which usually comes every month or so. And yesterday, the company has released it’s own gallery app which has similarities with the stock Google gallery app.

The main difference between the stock Google gallery and the Moto gallery is that it starts up in album view, … Continue reading

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Google Play Sales for this friday! 24/01/2014


Sales time!

If you’re going to buy apps and games anyway, you might as well get a good deal.
We have collected for you this friday’s apps & games deals – 24/01/2014 !


GA3: Slaves of Rema – $0.99 instead of $5.99 (-83%)
Sine Mora – $2.99 instead of $5.99 (-50%)
Carmageddon – FREE instead of $1.99 (-100%)


Blend Collage PRO – $0.99 instead of $1.99 (-50%)
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Latest Greenify App Now Works On Non-Rooted Devices


In case you’re not familiar with the app yet, Greenify is helps your Android device perform better and consume less battery juice by hibernating your apps when you are not using them. It also requires root access rights in order for it to work in a way that it’s not going against the Android OS, which most of you have seen in other task killers that only made your device squeeze more juice.

And now developer Oasis Feng has finally made the app … Continue reading

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Carbon For Twitter Hits Token Limit


If you aren’t aware of it yet, Twitter has this thing called “Token Limit” where third-party Twitter clients can only support up to 100,000 users or tokens. And if that limit is reached, no new users can sign-up using that third-party application.

And the newest addition to the list is the popular Carbon for Twitter. Developer M.Saleh Esmaeili stated his opinion about it telling it’s users that he’s not interested in doing any workarounds to get this … Continue reading

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“Knox is safe but…”, says Samsung!

I guess you remember about the whole Knox thing problem that a group of scientists had spotted in Samsung’s security software called Knox. The company had a research made for it and spotted the problem and announced that it’s not due to a software bug!


The problem is indeed there, but someone could exploit it only if the user hasn’t set properly the protection suite of his device. It’s all about a “Man in the Middle” (MitM) attack, that can be … Continue reading

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Google acquires the Swiss company Bitspin and its alarm clock app

Google announced recently that it acquired the Swiss based company Bitspin, better known for its awesome alarm clock app called Timely for Android. The app is an interesting alarm clock application, really easy to use with a lot of settings and it’s available here.


What’s best is that after the buy out, Timely Premium is now available for free and still after the acquisition from Google the app will continue to be available to all its users!

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