CASUAL Dev website launched


If you haven’t heard of Casual (Cross-platform Android Scripting, Unified Auxiliary Loader) before, It is a very powerful Java-based tool that is commonly used to easily root various devices like the Motorola RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and some Galaxy S and Note series smartphones. but it’s a lot more than that as it’s primary purpose is to provide a way to package and distribute android firmwares, softwares, or hacks for Android using Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Casual Developer AdamOutler has recently made CASUAL open source for other developers to build from and has launched it’s own website – where you will find all needed information regarding CASUAL and it’s source code. Adam also  described on how to create a CASPAC (CASUAL Package Action Container) using the CASCADE IDE to guide you for starters.

If you’re interested you can visit the Casual Dev site here to get started.


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