C4ETech Is OmegaDroid’s Official Youtube Partner!

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When we started OmegaDroid, we have envisioned a community for Android enthusiasts where everyone can easily gather information and hang-out together. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for all Android users to get started with pretty much everything – from choosing the right device, purchasing new apps and games, and of course, get started with the open-source/development world which is what Android is all about.

In short, a portal to everything that is Android.

And helping us make that dream a step closer to becoming a reality, let us all welcome our Official Youtube Partner C4ETech and Ashwin.

Ashwin, or Ash, is no stranger to some of us as he has been serving the Android community through his C4ETech channel in YouTube for almost three years now. Ash makes professional and unbiased reviews, comparisons, and tutorials that has helped a lot of Android users from around the world.
And most of all, he has an ‘OmegaDroid’ heart. He often spends sleepless nights and even skip meals whenever he’s filming a new video. And a total of 435 videos and close to a hundred thousand subscribers is proof to that passion and dedication. He has in our honest opinion, the best video reviews and tutorials because of his love for Android.

Again, welcome to the OmegaDroid family Ash!

To know more about Ash, just head over to C4ETch YouTube Channel.

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