BitTorrent Chat: New instant messaging service for secure conversations


BitTorrent announced its new Instant Messaging service called BitTorrent Chat.

BitTorrent Chat was created for keeping our messaging conversations private. We all know tactics are used from NSA and other agencies, for monitoring and recording whatever they want. That’s the main reason BitTorrent Chat introduced to consumers.

BitTorrent Chat, unlike Skype, Hangouts, iMessage, Whatsapp and other messaging service, will NOT store user’s data to a central server, but will use an encrypted peer-to-peer network. That means that it will work just like torrents, but in real time.

BitTorrent Chat is still in Alpha beta, but you can try it for free HERE.

All that remains is to verify all of this and this is something you would expect to see. We hope that BitTorrent Chat will succeed in its mission, so at last, all smartphone users will have some privacy.

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