BBM To Feature Voice Chat And Channels Next Year



BlackBerry’s BBM for Android has been quite a hit with millions of downloads in just it’s first week. But it still faces some criticisms as it’s features still lacks compared to other IM apps. But the good news is that BlackBerry intends to face those criticisms and improve BBM come 2014.

BlackBerry’s first plan for BBM in 2014 is to add BBM Voice and BBM Channels. If you notice, both features are already available for current BBM users running BB10, which only adds more reason BBM for Android and iOS users are making such criticisms in the first place for not putting all it’s features available from the original BBM for BlackBerry handsets. BlackBerry has also stated it’s plans to make sharing with BBM easier, for better overall user experience. So if you’re planning to switch your BBM to other instant messaging app, you might wanna wait for 2014 first.



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