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TITLE   :             BABY BUS

COMPANY :      FUZHOU ZHIYONG Information Tech Co LTD

PRICE  :              FREE


BabyBus is the first brand in early childhood educational software (field of mobile Internet), which is developed specifically for preschoolers, and includes two series which are the Age(1-3) and the Age(3-6). The software is designed to combine the advanced concept of early childhood, through entertaining and educational way to achieve the purpose and goals of the mental Enlightenment.

The series of the age 1 to 3 years, covers the cognitive development, games, songs and other relevant categories. This product’s design incorporates advanced concepts of early childhood education together with engrossing entertainment to achieve educational purpose and effect.

 The series of the age 3 to 6 years, combines the main concepts of early childhood education for 3-6 year-old babies and covers the Cognition Pavilion, Brain Training, Art Center and other relevant categories, the applications of Age(3-6) are aimed at the development of the comprehensive cognitive abilities of the baby’s pedia, music, art, and the analytical thinking capabilities of the left and right brain.

 The products are published in 3 langueges English, Chinese and Japanese and also in 3 versions so your device language setting will adopt one of them automatically.


 When you open the game you have a big yellow bus (as your home page) with many ιnactive windows and two cute pandas. Each one of the window have a different educational and funny interactive-mini game (I wiil call it mini games for shortcut) which you should download it from the andoid market FOR FREE.

You can find many different mini games as

 1. Baby learns shapes

 2. Baby learns colors

 3. Baby learns time

 4. Baby learns addition

 5. Baby learns music

 6. Animals

 7. Transport

 8. Painting1,2

 And many-many more. All these mini games are arranged in the following categories. Here there are some pictures of some mini games.


AGE 1-3


           – Smart Shop

           – Game Zone

           – Song Garden

           – Hot Apps

AGE 3-6


          – Cognition Pavilion

          – Brain Training

          – Art Center

          – We Suggest

 Just chooce what ever you like and give to our little babies the opportune to learn and also have fun.

 In conclusion BabyBus is one of the most interactive, entertaining and educational art products.Our little cute babies will have an educational and really funny time, let’s give it a shot! 


1. New UI: the scenes have been redrawn by the cartoon designer, to let the baby have a different experience.

2. Incentives: super cute facial expressions of the little panda, to act in concert with the baby’s right and wrong operations, which would encourage the baby to learn cognitions.

3. Voice replacement: more standardized, clear English voices, barrier-free bilingual education

4. Interactive and entertaining educational cognitive products

5. Extend your creativity and imagination

6. Focus on inspiration, not just learning. Focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition. Focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.

7. Atractive design

8. Intuitive control designed especially for children

9. Save photos to your device photo library

10. Voice prompt invitations

11. It improves our children’s cognition and logical thinking abilities, and also enhance their achievability and self-confidence and their problem-solving abilities, just by enjoying this remarkable game.


 1. BUGS IN SOME INTERACTIVE SCENES AND IN SOME PAGES THAT YOU SHALL PAINT.For example you choose to paint a palm tree but opens an other object to paint.

 2. The home page of the BabyBus game has so many choices for the both series 1 to 3 and 3 to 6 that it is a little difficult to choose without making rounds and rounds in the choices.


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