Aviate Alpha: Review

new Aviate Alpha
by ThumbsUp Labs
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Aviate Launcher, if you haven’t heard of it, is a new home screen replacement created by an ex-Googler team at ThumbsUp Labs. It looks to offer you information right when you need it where apps are automatically categorized and shown to you based on your current context like home, going out, night, etc.

What’s Hot:
– very easy to use and navigate
– automates app organization
– intelligently adjusts to your time/needs
– very intuitive

What’s Not:
– needs more settings
– Lacksatures like custom app icon support/themes


Aviate Launcher is quite unlike any homescreen replacement app you’ve ever come across. You really only get three screens. There’s no dock or app drawer. You can only realistically add a few widgets and offers only a light and dark theme. but this is a beta app and for invite only so lacking features are to be expected.

you essentially have three home screens. First, the main screen which is separated into three sections. A “space” (explanation later), a widget space and a favorites space. The next screen is made up of collections – Work apps, special apps, news, music, games and so on. you can add your own collections too. Finally you have an A-Z Apps page which is about as close as you get to an app drawer, listing your applications alphabetically with lettered shortcuts along the side.


At the top of your homescreen are “Spaces”. These present various app collections based on what you are doing and the time of day. If it’s early in the morning, you have a selection called Morning Routine (email, news, weather, your choices of morning apps). If you’re out and about, you might get information about local attractions or the “Going Somewhere” menu (Maps, Google Earth, your choices of apps). The Time space which is a slick-looking clock and weather forecast. The thing is, the space is dynamic and will be relevant based upon your surroundings.


Because much of the app is automated, it’s great for productivity and no app is more than a couple of swipes away. Collections can easily be re-arranged and common-used apps shifted for faster access. There’s a certain amount of customization to be found, but quite limited. However, the overall cleanness of the app and its absolute ease of use is very enticing. As it is currently on it’s Alpha stages expect more options and customizations options to be implemented.



The Verdict: 8.0/10

If you want something new, productive, simple, powerful and intelligent, this is most definitely something you should check out.It’s only available via invite only but i strongly recommend you get yourself on their invite list.
you can signup for an invite at getaviate.com


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