Now Available: Official CyanogenMod Cases For The Nexus 5



Are you a fan of CyanogenMod? or just searching for more Nexus 5 cases that fits your taste? Either way, here’s a good news for you as CyanogenMod just announced their official cases for the Nexus 5 made by Cruzerlite.

The Cruzerlite official CM cases are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plastic, which is cut and tear resistant than what you’ll find in a rubber case. TPU cases are abrasion resistant, have a high degree of transparency, are fairly stiff, but remain flexible.

The official CM cases are available in black, clear, smoke, and teal color options and are designed by CM community member Asher Simonds. You can get them at Cruzerlite’s online store or click the individual links below.

Black   Clear   Smoke   Teal


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