Apple Wants Sales Ban On Old Samsung Handsets



Looks like Apple isn’t done yet with it’s war against Samsung as it filed a new motion in the US District Court of San Jose, California asking to ban the sales of twenty Samsung phones that were found to infringe Apple patents in its landmark 2012 verdict.

You may think of this move as a wasted effort on the part of Apple as the those Samsung devices are no longer sold in the US today, but Apple said that even though Samsung no longer sells those models, it doesn’t diminishes Apple’s need for injunctive relief. Apple also said that such relief could help them in the future if the need to combat future patent infringement by Samsung arises.

“Samsung’s claim that it has discontinued selling the particular models found to infringe or design around Apple’s patents in no way diminishes Apple’s need for injunctive relief,” Apple’s court filing states. “Because Samsung frequently brings new products to market, an injunction is important to providing Apple the relief it needs to combat any future infringement by Samsung through products not more than colorably different from those already found to infringe.”

The Federal Court of Appeals has previously ruled that Judge Koh was right about Apple’s design and trade dress patent, but was wrong when it came to Apple’s utility patents.



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