Allwinner unveils its A80 Octa processor: Another cheap 8-core

Allwinner_Technology_logoAllwinner, the Chinese chip maker is set to unveil its first octa-core chip. The new CPU is Allwinner A80, an octa-core unit that adopts ARM’s big.LITTLE technology, (similar to the one Samsung uses on its Exynos chip), in order to balance performance and battery life in devices such as tablets and phones. You can switch to all 8 core usage, if you need all that firepower, or you can go with the strongest cores, and leave the less powerful ones, for less important tasks. So, as you have already guessed, it appears that not only Mediatek is launching an 8 core processor these days, since their arch rival Allwinner also has an octa-core processor unveiled. The Chinese processor maker is ready to do “battle” with the Taiwanese giant Mediatek.

allwinner-80-coreAllwinner is playing their cards close to their chests and they are giving no details away.  There is no information with regards to whether these are ARM Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 CPU cores, there are no particulars about the clock speed or the graphics technology.

allwinner_arxikhSo far, Allwinner has focused on supplying low-cost processors which are popular with Chinese manufacturers of low-cost tablets. Consequently those chips have been fairly low power processors that cannot rival the performance of Rockchip or Mediatek, even though, Allwinner was the pioneer in its support of the 4K video playback.

All that we knew for now, is that this CPU will be launching later this year or within the first quarter of 2014 (they having already seen a bunch of cheap Allwinner-based slates).

What remains is to see if the company managed to become more competitive in a very tough market, where many big players are struggling to find space like Intel and Nvidia.


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